Driving the future

Ultra-fast charging is a necessity for inter-city travel but it has two drawbacks. One is the expensive power feed of up to 120kW per station that equals the power needs of five households. A less mentioned disadvantage is the stress induced on the battery when ultra-fast charging.


Ohmitron is a leading supplier of chargers for Electric and Hybrid battery power applications.

Our portfolio includes a full range of DC Fast chargers, DC stations, hybrid chargers, high-frequency chargers, battery recovery and multi-voltage chargers that provide customers with full-function solutions.

10kilowatt 72V Converter

At 10 Kilowatt 72V, the fast charging station for automotive applications by Ohmitron, can charge one vehicle at full power, or two vehicles simultaneously at a maximum power of 10kW each.

The Rhombus 120/180 deliver the same power in a 28% smaller footprint and eliminates the need for external cooling systems that create more operations and maintenance costs and potentially environmentally harmful conditions.

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